Rules in Brief

  • No multiple Accounts / Farms / Banks

  • No Account Sharing (including account minding)

  • No Scanners / Bots or other external aids.

  • No account hacking / cracking or similar

  • No foul language / Sexist or Racist Behavior / or other harassment of players

  • No abusing bugs / code or script exploits / 

  • Complete Detailed Rules Below

    Game Rules

    Your account and yours alone
    You are allowed to create only one account per person. Sharing an account or trading accounts is not allowed.  Logging in to another person's account for any reason is not allowed, even with their permission.  Taking over control of an account created by another person is not allowed.  Hacking in to an account (including guessing passwords) is forbidden. 

    Deleting and remaking an account to get in a certain system, get certain coordinates, or for any other reason is not allowed.   If you are killed in the game, you may then create another account.

    Use of other programs
    The use of any program or script that logs in to your account is prohibited.  Only a person present at the computer is permitted to access the account.  No use of any program that operates in any way through your account is permitted.  Programs or methods that access the game code, database, or server in any way other than normal gameplay are forbidden. 

    Web sites that contain, store, or make available any game data from planets, systems, or alliances are forbidden.  Programs that are completely separate from the game, such as spreadsheets, word processors, attack calculators, or programs that you write yourself for your own use only are permitted. (they must not access the server or your account).

    Appropriate language
    No use of obscenity, vulgarity, racial or ethnic remarks, or sexually oriented language is permitted.  Please remember that people of all ages, genders, and origins play this game.  This rule applies to messages, forum posts, planet names, solar system names, headers and logos, and any other public or private communication related to the game.  The Administration is the sole judge of what constitutes unacceptable language. 

    Any use of this game for any purpose of obtaining personal information about another person is prohibited. 

    Exploiting any bug in this game is prohibited.  Deliberately attempting to gain advantage by using any bug or exploit, or any other means that is clearly not intended as a part of the game is prohibited.  Spamming forums or messages to other players is prohibited. 

    Anyone found to be violating any of the Game Rules will have their account deleted without mercy.  Cheating in any way is unacceptable behavior and will be eliminated as soon as it is discovered. 

    Remember, we do not have to prove you are cheating; we only have to be completely convinced of it.  The Administration is the sole and final judge of what constitutes cheating and there is no appeal.

    Hacking in to the account of another person or gaining access to the game code, database, or server by any means will be treated as an illegal action, and may be subject to additional civil or criminal penalties.

    Any form of sexual or racial or ethnic harassment should be reported immediately to the game administration with supporting evidence. Substantiated claims will result in account deletion and may result in permanent banning.

    Code of Behavior

    Game philosophy
    The Administration of this game believes that everyone is entitled to enjoy a pleasant and civil gaming environment, free of cheating, obscenity, or other forms of nastiness.  We ask that everyone remember there are people of all ages and origins playing, and that you do or say nothing that would be offensive to them.

    People who play games do it to enjoy their free time.  We want to see everyone have a good time and lots of fun, in the context of strong and fair competition.  To this end, the Administration expects all players to be honest, friendly, and honorable, as well as good competitors.  Remember, there are no enemies in this game, only opponents.

    Game behavior
    This is a game of stealing resources from other players. Everyone does it and everyone has it done to them. Such actions are a normal part of the game play and should not be taken personally. Sending angry messages or taking punitive revenge actions without cooling off first is dangerous. Instead, congratulate your opponent on a good hit and plan your revenge carefully. This makes a much more pleasant game for everyone and you won't get killed quite as quickly. 

    This game is also a competition.  Everyone is entitled to try their best to win or to achieve their personal goals in the game.  Deliberately and repeatedly targeting a player for no reason other than hindering his ability to play or to enjoy the game is forbidden.  This means personal vendettas, reasons external to the game, or personal harassment.  It does not include deliberately targeting a player for in-game reasons.

    We all welcome and encourage new players.  The game is designed so that new players have time to learn the game and the chance to survive while they learn.  Helping new players, answering their questions, and teaching them good play techniques and good attitudes will be much appreciated.

    Family members or friends are welcome to play this game from the same computer.  However, the game administration will be watching for people playing more than one account, so in order to avoid suspicion of game rule violations, each person must take great care to play their account totally independently from the others.  Sharing targets or helping each other by probing, attacking, or using one account to improve another will be deemed evidence of a multiple account and will result in all the accounts being deleted.

    Supporting the game
    A game like this is not free to operate.  It is supported by advertising and by the players who enjoy it enough to keep it around.  We want to keep the game free for those who cannot afford to pay for it, but that means we ask those who can help financially support it to do so. 

    Clicking on advertising, paying the small fee for an ad-free account, or simply donating however much or little you can afford, will all help to keep this game alive and well.  Thanks for your support!